Style Philosophy


My mission is to support you in your self -confidence and empowerment journey in whatever form that may take. Confidence is something that, once you gain and own it, manifests from the inside out. This is the key to unique style & beauty!


 There are no right or wrong answers in fashion. There is only confidence and the lack of. 


 Remember, the clothes don’t wear you, you wear the clothes. You don’t need “the right” clothing to make yourself feel good. However, you DO need to feel good in order to make your clothing LOOK good! 


Once you know your personal style, I believe you should 100% love every piece of clothing item in your closet from your work attire to your sleepwear.


Fashion is a form of art not meant to alter, but enhance your God-gifted beauty. Personal style is your preference for clothing & accessories. Your style can be dependent on many things, but most often, it is made up of your past experiences, the lifestyle that is unique to you, and the silhouettes, colors, patterns, and fabrics that compliment you best.


 I value style over trends. Trends come and go, and they give off the illusion that we need to change ourselves and our personal style to fit in. However, style allows you to make adjustments according to what life throws at you while continuing to be your authentic self!



Why might you need a personal stylist? 


You aspire to adjust your wardrobe to accurately reflect your goals

You want to take the time to explore your personal style and develop something specific to your needs


You are seeking to compliment your lifestyle through your clothing

We look forward to enlightening the unique aspects of your EXTERNAL & INTERNAL beauty expression!