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Elevate Your Style,
Elevate Your Life

Are you tired of settling for a wardrobe that doesn’t reflect who you truly are? Do you want to exude confidence and dress to thrive in both your personal and professional life?

All Things Toni offers a personalized and done-for-you approach to solve all your wardrobe needs.

Casual Outfit

You’re a go-getter, but deep down, you’re tired of settling for a lackluster wardrobe that doesn’t speak to your true self

I get it! You’ve had those days when your outfit feels uninspired, and you’re afraid of looking frumpy or boring in front of your peers. But guess what? Your style is a powerful tool, and when it aligns with your personality and lifestyle, it can supercharge your confidence and propel you towards your dreams!

You deserve a style that reflects your personality, boosts your self-assurance, and fills you with joy every time you step out!

Personal Styling(new)

Get Styled

Style Packages

For the go-getters, achievers, and visionaries, juggling multiple responsibilities with grace. We understand your fast-paced lifestyle, where time is precious and getting dressed shouldn't be a struggle. Our goal is to empower you with a style that effortlessly reflects your personality and fits your everyday life.

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Signature Package

Elevate Your Wardrobe, Elevate Your Confidence

We get it; you’re driven, ambitious, and aiming for the stars in your career and personal life. Your style should reflect that! That’s why our Signature Package takes you on a transformative journey from having no defined style and feeling lost to total style confidence.

Our Signature Package Includes:

  • Start with a one-on-one consultation to discuss your style preferences, body type, and fashion goals.

  • Undergo a comprehensive closet cleanse to declutter and organize your current wardrobe

  • We will take care of the shopping, finding unique pieces that enhance your personal style and fit your budget

  • Experience the thrill of trying on your handpicked pieces during a fitting session, where we ensure a perfect fit.

  • Receive a personalized style handbook, including your style profile, color guide, signature look creation, and a lookbook with up to 35 versatile and stunning outfits.

It's time you embrace your true self, define your signature look, and make an unforgettable impact in everything you do!

Re-Invention Package

Rediscover Your Style, Embrace A Fresh You

Are you ready for a style revival, a fresh start that empowers you to redefine your image and make a striking statement? Our Reinvention Package is the perfect fit for women who seek to refresh their style and embrace a new, bold chapter in their lives.

Our Re-Invention Package Includes:

  • Begin with a detailed consultation to understand your evolving style preferences and aspirations.

  • Embark on a thorough closet cleanse, where we’ll work together to identify what stays and goes, breathing new life into your wardrobe.

  • Trust us to shop for new pieces that blend seamlessly with your existing wardrobe.

  • Experience a fitting session, trying on your new outfits that elevate your style.

  • Receive a style handbook featuring your updated style profile and a lookbook with up to 15 fabulous outfits, empowering you to rock your renewed look.

Embrace this opportunity for a captivating style journey that empowers you to make a bold statement and unveil the radiant, authentic you!

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Pink Purse

Seasonal Refresh Package

Revamp Your Style, Embrace Life's Seasons

Life is full of transitions, and your style should adapt too. With our Seasonal Refresh, you can confidently welcome each season with a renewed sense of fashion, reflecting your ever-evolving self.

Our Seasonal Refresh Package Includes:

  • A personalized consultation, where we’ll identify your seasonal style goals and desired looks.

  • Undergo a closet review to identify pieces that can be incorporated into fresh seasonal outfits.

  • Receive a mini style handbook with your updated style profile, a shopping plan with a curated list of items to buy and store recommendations, as well as 10 looks inspired by pieces from your shopping plan.


Let’s embark on this style journey together - embracing the new and elevating your wardrobe with every change of the season!

Investment begins at $480. Let’s talk about your goals to determine the right package for you. Get in touch today!

Exclusive Services for Returning Clients

We cherish our returning clients and believe in building lasting style partnerships. As a returning client, you have access to our exclusive services designed to keep your style fresh and captivating. We also offer you a special 20% discount on any of our Signature Package, Reinvention Package, or Seasonal Refresh. 

Image by Amanda Vick


Our Closet Cleanse service is tailored to our returning clients who want to infuse new life into their existing wardrobe. We'll cover the bases by discussing your style goals and leaving you with a shopping plan to replenish your wardrobe.




We know how important it is for you to make a statement during special events or photoshoots. Our Special Event or Photoshoot Styling service is your secret weapon for looking exceptional in every shot.



Our Closet Styling service is dedicated to helping you maximize your existing wardrobe and unlock endless outfit possibilities. Choose from a look book featuring 10, 20, or 30 outfits, setting you up with chic and versatile ensembles for the week or month, giving you the confidence to conquer every day.

Personal Styling(clients)

Hey, I'm Toni!

Meet Your Stylist!

My passion for personal styling was sparked by my love for fashion’s transformative nature. I believe that every woman’s style is a reflection of her unique personality, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.



Getting to know you is essential in our styling journey. By understanding your preferences, daily life, and aspirations, I tailor your style to suit you perfectly. My greatest joy comes from witnessing your “ah ha” moments as you make the connection between your body type and personal style, gaining the confidence to make your own style decisions.


I’m truly passionate about empowering women like you to feel confident and embrace your unique style. Let’s embark on this transformative style journey together, unlocking your true potential and celebrating the beauty of your individuality.

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Real Life

Success Stories


Working with Toni as a style coach was instrumental in me discovering what I do and don’t like to wear. We didn’t just focus on clothing though, we always hit beneath the surface and touched on things like confidence and positive body image which was a game changer!


I was really overwhelmed about what would seem really simple, “getting dressed”... There is this weird stigma specifically for women that everything we do should be in service of others and I think that truly plays a role even in what we decide to wear. I think after the program I felt I was given permission to dress for ME. Which started to open even more doors to prioritize my needs and wants even outside of clothing! 




To kickstart your style transformation, we begin with a FREE style discovery call to understand your needs and suggest the best styling package for you

styling process



Each service starts with a one-on-one consultation, where we'll dive deeper into your style goals



Depending on your preference, we offer both virtual and in-person styling services for clients in the Raleigh Durham area

Ready to Elevate Your Style?

Let's do this!

Book a FREE Style Discovery Call through the link below. During the call, we’ll discuss your style needs, and together, we’ll determine the best service for you. Let’s embark on this style journey together!

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