Meet  Toni

I created All Things Toni through my passion for empowering women and wanting to help build confidence through style, beauty, and self love. Initially, All Things Toni was only a side hustle, and I created and sold handmade tassel earrings.


My dreams became larger and I felt a calling to do more. I wanted to build a community where women would feel comfortable being and loving themselves. While I still do enjoy creating tassel jewelry for you, All Things Toni does that and much more.


In the boutique, you are able to shop unique styles of accessories, fashion items, and even design your own custom tassel earrings. The blog offers you free tips, and advice that you can implement in your own wardrobe and lifestyle. Through the styling services, you get to work with me 1 on 1, and I will help you to develop your style. More specifically, you will learn how to dress your body and how to build a wardrobe perfect for your lifestyle.


Trust me, I know shopping for new clothing can be overwhelming, so if you’re at the point where you are tired of shopping for yourself, or you don't know where to start with discovering your personal style, then you are in the right place.

Your Journey awaits you

"When life elevates, so should your style"

After I graduated college I began to feel disconnected from my wardrobe. Nothing was fitting correctly and the styles I previously liked in college had no longer defined my style. A part of me had also become insecure with my body, because I could no longer fit my college clothes. I had outgrown my wardrobe in every aspect.


When it came to shopping I was usually overwhelmed with the amount of choices and styles because I had not updated my own personal style. After about 6 months of not feeling 100% like myself, I decided it was time for something brand new. Not only a new wardrobe but also a new mindset for myself. I decided to change my outlook on fashion. This was BIG for me, especially because I studied fashion in college and was taught to keep up with the latest trends.


I stopped attempting to wear every trend and realized not everything will work for me, and that is okay. I evaluated the clothing I had been wearing and realized that I was not dressing to flatter my new beautiful body. I completed a HUGE wardrobe makeover for myself and cleaned my closet of all the old clothing. I went on a journey of discovering and defining what types of clothing I actually like and stoped wearing things only because they were trendy. I made a plan for what needed to be added to my wardrobe in order for it to reflect me, my preferences, and lifestyle in every aspect. I was able to rebuild my wardrobe in 3 months, all while sticking to a budget.


I first had to teach myself and now I am excited to teach you!

Fun facts about me!

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia


I moved to Raleigh, NC to attend school at Meredith College where I studied Fashion Merchandising and Business Administration

I have never worked a job that didn't involve fashion:

Bridal/Prom Consignment

Designer Showroom Intern​

Fashion Retail Sales

Mobile Game Fashion Designer

I love to travel, I've been to several countries outside of my home in the US:







I enjoy relaxing with a good movies or a fun DIY

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Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

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