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for modern day women.

Great style is for women who believe in their journey of confidence, not just the ones with the coins.






Our Mission

All Things Toni strives to educate, empower, and promote self-love for the new bold woman through unique style, beauty, and personal care.


empowered women, empower women


love yourself, so you can fully love others



educate, and be educated





Toni’s presence is felt when she walks into a room. While she has impeccable style, as I’ve gotten to know her, it is actually her thoughtfulness that gives her that x-factor and makes her such a wonderful person to know and work with! Everything that she wears, everything that she does, carries an attentiveness to detail and meaning that permeates into whatever she does. 


Toni is also a discreet and professional person with great insight! She shares honestly but with kindness - I’ve loved working with her on creative projects and also just speaking with her as a friend. 


Sarah B.

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I'm Toni

A personal stylist and all-around creative who loves accessories and DIYs! 


You, like many others probably assume that hiring a personal stylist means that you have to be a celebrity or wealthy. I am here to tell you, that is not true. I am passionate about helping everyday women find what works best for their bodies and what they feel most confident in.


Unlike many celebrity stylists, my love for fashion goes deeper than the seasonal trends. I believe that we have the ability to build confidence through our very own personal style. The work of confidence and self-love starts on the inside, and I want to help build on that and allow it to blossom on the outside through your look.


I believe that every woman deserves to feel confident every day! Even I had to practice this for myself, and with these principles, I was able to develop my own personal style built upon my preferences and the clothing I felt good with wearing on my body.