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Toni Irwin Johnson
Personal Stylist
Greater Raleigh Area, NC

I am a Personal Stylist because style is personal.

And I believe it can transform your life.

Tired of a wardrobe that doesn't reflect your true self?

Sick of a closet filled with nothing to wear?

You’ve had those days when your outfit feels uninspired, and you’re afraid of looking frumpy or boring in front of your peers. But guess what? Your style is a powerful tool, and when it aligns with your personality and lifestyle, it can supercharge your confidence and propel you towards your dreams! ​

You deserve a style that reflects your personality, boosts your self-assurance, and fills you with joy every time you step out!

Personal Styling Services

Each of these services has been designed to discover your own personal style aligning your personality and lifestyle and to meet you where you are in your style journey.


Signature Service

You are ready to step into your full confidence . Your style should reflect that! That’s why our Signature Package takes you on a transformative journey from having no defined style and feeling lost to total style confidence.

This Signature Package is the whole shebang!


Signature Look

Are you ready for a style revival, a fresh start that empowers you to redefine your image and make a striking statement?

The Signature Look helps you find your defining Signature Look. The Signature Look that gets you noticed, makes you feel incredible and also makes getting dressed easy!


Signature Piece

Note sure if you are ready for a re invention but you are ready for an instant lift! The Signature piece helps you find that perfect piece that helps define great style.

The Signature Piece that takes your style from plain and ordinary to Legendary!

Meet Toni

I started All Things Toni to help women who struggle with negative thoughts about their bodies and fashion choices. I understand the frustration behind not knowing how to dress in a way that compliments your body AND your personality. I believe that you deserve to experience the joy of having confidence and a style that reflects who you are.


This is where I come in! Backed by a degree in fashion merchandising, my secret sauce is combining personal development and personal style. Beyond dressing with style, I’m here to bring you confidence in your daily appearance and so much more to make shopping fun again!

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Success Stories


Working with Toni as a style coach was instrumental in me discovering what I do and don’t like to wear. We didn’t just focus on clothing though, we always hit beneath the surface and touched on things like confidence and positive body image which was a game changer! I was really overwhelmed about what would seem really simple, “getting dressed”... There is this weird stigma specifically for women that everything we do should be in service of others and I think that truly plays a role even in what we decide to wear. I think after the program I felt I was given permission to dress for ME. Which started to open even more doors to prioritize my needs and wants even outside of clothing!



Let's Work Together!

Today is the best day to start your Style Journey!

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